"The Military Adventures of Christine"

I am originally from Darmstadt Germany, the Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne (CFK), was built in 1936 and taken over by the US Army March 1945. Two other bases nearby are Kelley Barracks & Ernst Ludwig Kaserne, built in 1934 and used as cavalry barracks.

I married a soldier at an early age, and moved to the US in 1982.  My first stay was near historic Savannah GA at Hunter Army Airfield.It has an 11,000+ foot runway, long enough to land ANY aircraft.  It was the 1st planned city in North America (1733). The Air Force closed Hunter Field in 1967, and the Army assumed control and the U.S. Army Flight Training Center was launched.  FT Stewart is located 45 miles SW of this area.

At the time, there was a rental housing shortage close to the base.  I had to move to a small town in the suburbs, Fleming GA.It was miles from any civilization and quite a shock compared to my former city life. I had grown up public transportation leaving every few minutes, going where I wanted to go and everything being close by.

Fleming was so small - you had to pick up your own mail.I was surrounded by woods.My first time in the "country" included exposure to all kinds of wild critters, snakes and more.I was a new Army wife just barely out of my teens.I was all by myself during the day, away from friends, family, and any type of fun activities that I was accustomed to.There was no transportation, a low budget income3;3;, a city girl stuck in the country, no-one to talk to, no cable TV, no stores, nothing .... Picture that.I was not a "happy camper"!

Another thing that baffled me was houses with a "wood exterior" houses and "mobile homes".Those are things you just don´t see in Europe.

Military personnel and their families often face moving to places with different cultures, foods, languages, climates and the list goes on 3;

I moved from Fleming Georgia back to Germany working at the on-base housing office assisting military families to find off base housing.

My third move was to Ft. Gordon GA in 1986.Initially I was really worried about going back to GA, thinking I would be stuck in a tiny town again.I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in the big city of Augusta.I immediately had this warm homey feeling and I knew Augusta would be "HOME" for me.I got a feeling I can't describe and never felt quite the same about any other area I visited.By the time of this move I had a two year old daughter Tamie.I bought my very first (brick) homeJ with a pool for $30,000 near Butler High School in Augusta.I found an outdated advertisement about the house - and the real estate agent initially told me that it was sold - but after some digging - it turned out that the deal had fallen through and I made it mine.

Ambition drove me to attend Kerr Business College to become a Legal Secretary.After working as an administrative assistant at Plant Vogel, I got my first real estate related job working in the closing department of a local attorney.

Several years later Tamie started school and I was not very impressed with her experience.I began my search for another house to call home.Since I was preparing closing documents, I learned a great deal about the real estate market, contracts and the real estate laws.I worked on a closing for a house in the Moss Creek Subdivision in Martinez, GA.Everything about the neighborhood intrigued me.I remember the first time I drove through this quaint little subdivision and I knew that this was the place I wanted to live.

It's so strange how at the time (1989-1990) there were quite a few new homes available for sale.The first one that caught my eye was a big yellow 2 story (wood) house.It was right next to the community pool and had waterfront on a small pond.It was love at first sight.I thought for sure that I could never afford this house and that there was no way it could really be mine.I looked at and compared every house in the subdivision.I wanted this house and did everything I needed to make it happen.My daughter Samantha was born that year and I once again had to leave Augusta and move back to Karlsruhe, Germany.There, I worked in sales & marketing while taking on-line courses to obtain a paralegal certificate.

While I was gone, I entrusted my house in Richmond County and in Columbia County to two different local REALTORS for property management until I returned in 1995.I moved back to the Moss Creek home and obtained my Georgia and South Carolina real estate license.That career move hat was the beginning of the rest of my life ....

One thing that I liked most about the military environment is the togetherness, closeness that military people share with each other and their families.No matter where I was stationed, there was an immediate connection with other military families and personnel.They became your family away from home.There were cook outs, bingo nights, bowling, etc.People helped each other out and provided comfort in a time of need.

You must learn to adapt and embrace change.As a military spouse, you can take a job and continue your education.It seems almost impossible however, to climb a corporate ladder or start and grow your own company.

Hats off not only to the service members who fight for their country, but also to the spouses who give up the way of life as they know it.They are often away from their family and the service member is often on assignments away from home ? leaving the spouse alone.It forces you to grow up quickly.

This type of life taught me to become independent but also part of a network group of people that help each other.

Unfortunately - ongoing moves, leaving friends & jobs behind, weeks, months, years without your spouse away on assignment puts additional strains on relationships causing many military marriages to fall apart ... and so did mine.

I don´t regret any moment of my life ? after all, it got me where I am now in Augusta, FT. Gordon, GA instead of Germany and owning my own business.I would not have learned so many of life´s lessons which made me a better, stronger, independent, compassionate person.I now have the opportunity to grow my business and follow my career path destiny.In Germany I would have NEVER had this opportunity.America allows everyone to be the best they can be.It´s a fact that you can do anything you set your mind to accomplish.

Last but not least, had I not moved to Augusta, I would not have met my husband, Drew May.He is the most considerate, caring husband any woman could ask for.He´s a nurturing, kind, family man putting his family before everything else.Drew is Mr. Mom, a gourmet chef, my best friend and business partner.Most people say they could not work well together but we work together 24/7.We complement each other well and both have different sets of qualities and expert knowledge making a combination that can´t be beat.  My next big move was just around the corner and involved launching my own real estate firm.  I hope you enjoyed my adventure!

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