In our 20 years of experience in real estate, these are the top 3 hurdles that our clients face that greatly minimize chances of getting a rental application approved:

  • Pets friendly good homes can be hard to find
  • A Lease for less than 1 year are few and far between
  • Low Credit Scores / prior evictions

If you find yourself experiencing some of these challenges and are getting frustrated, read more about our services and find important information that may save you time, money and stress.

Augusta GA Rental Listings & Homes for Rent

What a Services Realtor Can Offer?

  • Buyer’s Agent helps buyer’s find a home and represent buyer in the purchase transaction. Typically they receive compensation from the listing company.
  • Seller’s/Listing Agent will market a house and represents the seller to help the seller find a buyer. Typically they are compensated by seller to find a buyer and then splits the compensation with the buyer’s agent/company.
  • Property Managers market a house and represent the owner to helps find a tenant. Typically they get compensated by owner to find tenant… many property managers DON’T pay an agent that brings an interested tenant. Often, they offer no fee or a very minimal fee that does not even cover the gas money to take a tenant around showing homes nor pay for the time invested in showing rentals.

By now – you have probably figured out what kind of agent you’re looking for, a Tenant’s Agent . Unfortunately, these are VERY rare in the Augusta/Evans/Martinez/Ft. Gordon area. The reason that so few people are willing or financially able to assist a tenant in finding a rental is that the agent runs a high probability of:

  • Either getting no compensation, (because the property manager does not offer a co-broker commission OR the tenant does not get approved to rent the property) … after the agent invested their time and gas in showing homes
  • OR if all goes well, tenant finds a house and gets approved, then the agent receives a small compensation which may pay for the gas … and on rare occasions earn a few dollars for the time invested

What are the Reasons You’re Seeking a Rental?

  1. You don’t plan to be in the area for very long. Typically less than 2 years renting makes more sense.
  2. You want to "check out the area first".  For this one, it really may be better to talk to us about the option of buying with PROFESSIONAL guidance since you'll be locked in a lease and often after just a couple months you'll want to buy anyway.  One move is less stressful and will actually save you money overall instead of renting.
  3. You have credit concerns or think you need to save down payment money.  Often we can get you approved for a loan (at no cost to you) even if you were turned down already.  Talk to us first before you give up and settle for a rental     

Best tips for finding a rental in Greater Augusta

  1. Search websites that are updated daily either by the company or the local MLS and have a high accuracy rate for data, (not Zillow or Trulia - see below).
  2. Search on websites that provide the DIRECT contact information for the actual agent or company representing the property and its owner.
  3. Identify the correct contact agent and schedule rental property showings directly with them.
  4. If you happen to find a licensed agent willing to show you rental homes with various companies, treat them like gold and consider offering them compensation!  

Worst Places to search for rental

When relying on Trulia and Zillow it gets even more confusing. Homes will appear to be for rent but in actuality they are not even on the market. Data on these sites is typically proven accurate about 70% of the time. Figuring out which agent to contact or how to get an appointment is getting increasingly confusing. Then you start calling agents – hoping that they will assist you in finding a rental, now you are faced with no return calls, or agents appearing not willing to help. In short, there's an information overload with no clear direction on where to turn!

Best places to search for a rental

  • Check the rentals on this page
  • ALL rental homes entered in the local Augusta MLS system, go to (please contact the property manager directly homes found there)
  • Check the Meybohm property management department, as they don’t post in the Augusta MLS system
  • Check out local sites such as and locall paper

*** IF after considering these key tips, you decide purchasing a home may be a better option than renting, don’t hesitate to call Drew & Christine at 706-869-9478 to work as your own Buyers’ Agent. There is no cost to you for this service and we assure it will be an efficient and enjoyable process to purchase your new home! We can also assist in your loan approval process. In case you have any credit concerns, often they can be overcome by working with the right experienced professionals.  

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