Military Real Estate Resources

At Leading Edge Real Estate, we are dedicated to helping military families with the relocation process of moving to Ft. Gordon and have put together a number resources to make moving here a smooth and seamless transaction. There are many homes in Columbia County that are available for sale at price points that make it cheaper to buy than to rent.

Should I Rent or Buy?

As a military family, there are many benefits to buying a home in Columbia County. When using a Veteran's Affairs loan, or VA loan, you can get 100% financing (no money down) and your first payment will be due 30 to 59 days after you close depending on the day of the month you close. For example: If you close July 30th – your first payment is due September 1st. If you close July 2nd – you can talk to your lender to see if they will collect less interim interest and still have the 1st payment due on August 1 OR collect the interim interest and have the 1st payment due on September 1. After around the 5th of the month you don’t have the option to get back credit. So if you close July 5th your 1st payment is due September 1, with almost 2 months of no mortgage payments!

Benefits of Buying

Typical Rental Limitations

  • Cheaper option compared to renting
  • Payment flexibility with VA loans
  • Wider selection of housing options
  • No pet restrictions
  • Freedom of owning
  • One-months' rent deposit required up front
  • No payment flexibility when you first move
  • Less selection
  • Pet restrictions or deposits required
  • Less freedoms as a tenant

Qualify for a VA Loan

With a VA loan, you can typically buy a nicer home than a rental with payments less than rent and have all the freedom of owning.  The VA loan is the best available loan and offers many additional benefits. If you have questions call Christine & Drew May at 706-869-9478 or to pre-qualify for a VA guaranteed loan NOW contact us today

Qualify for Military REBATES

Leading Edge Real Estate intends to EARN your business and loyalty as well as provide a rebate or closing cost credit that is totally legal on real estate purchases in Georgia and South Carolina. No gimmicks or games.

- Christine & Drew May, Leading Edge Real Estate

Military Relocation in Augusta


Military REBATE