LERE Military Rebate Incentive Program

Often, there are various "incentives" offered to military members through various sources in an attempt to gain your business and loyalty. We offer you a true military discount with a simple, direct, rebate program. Our rebates are guaranteed to equal or exceed amounts offered by USAA Movers Advantage, U.S. Military on the Move aka M.O.M., Navy Federal Credit Union and others. 

**Beware, some companies may ask you to pay an "application fee" or "Good Faith Deposit", which is intended to tie you up.   

We at Leading Edge Real Estate intend to earn your business and loyalty as well as provide a rebate or closing cost credit that is totally legal on real estate purchases in Georgia and South Carolina but are only limited by and subject to lender approval.  NOTE: Rebates are offered as a lender allowable credit to your transaction so you get credit AT CLOSING, not waiting weeks for your rebate like many other programs.  

As part of the services, Christine & Drew want to help you get a great deal on your home and experiencing a quick, smooth and efficient closing. Simply mention Discount Code LERE25 for your REBATE eligibility prior to meeting. This is a true Military Discount only offered to past or present US service members from all branches.

Leading Edge Real Estate Military Rebate Schedule

Home Value

Rebate Amount

$135,000 - $159,999  $650.00
$160,000 - $249,999  $1,000.00
$250,000 - $399,999  $1,250.00
$400,000 +  $1,550.00

*NOTE: Closing cost credit and rebates are subject to lending guidelines and lender approval. Lender credits are included at the time of closing. Certain restrictions may apply based on your specific loan and approval. Contact us today for details.

*Sellers should check out our Flat Fee & Discount Listing Program

In addition, Augusta Mortgage Solutions offers lender credits to our buyer clients as allowed to lower your overall loan costs while offering highly competitive interest rates on VA, FHA and Conventional mortgage loans. Your approval process is quick and easy while there are NO application fees!

Call Drew & Christine today to register for your REBATE DISCOUNT (LERE25) at 706-869-9478 or complete the below form and we'll look forward to helping find your new home.

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