Fort Gordon Resource Center

To help you get started in your new posting, we've put together a list of helpful resources that we share with our clients during their transition period to Fort Gordon. As experienced real estate professionals in Columbia County, we know the ins-and-outs of buying and renting homes in the area. The first place you'll want to know about is the Housing Services Office.

+ Directions to Fort Gordon

- Directions to Fort Gordon

Housing Services Office (706-791-5116)

The Housing Services Office is located in Darling Hall, and offers information of available housing within local communities. This office also serves as a relocation point to those members who are rotating from Fort Gordon to other installations. The Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) is sponsored by the Department of Defense to assist relocating military personnel and their families finding available housing. To contact the Ft. Gordon housing services office, call 706-791-5116/7067.

Temporary Lodging: All lodging on Fort Gordon is now operated by pet friendly IHG Army Hotels. For more information or reservations call 1-877-711-TEAM.

Ft. Gordon Off Post Rental Tips

  • If renting off-post, it is recommended that you purchase a renter's or tenant's insurance policy, as the landlord's insurance protects the home owner, but not the tenant’s belongings
  • Security deposits are often one months’ rent. If pets are allowed, there is usually a substantial non-refundable deposit. Utility costs can vary widely, so it pays to do your homework
  • Before buying or renting an off-post home, be sure to stop by the Fort Gordon Housing Services Office
  • Browse rental listings HERE
  • Fort Gordon BAH Rates 2015

AIT Soldiers and Families!

Please remember, if your family is NOT authorized to travel to Fort Gordon, the Army will not pay any of the moving costs. If your family is authorized to move, usually because the AIT is 20 weeks or longer, there are certain things that have to be done to have the move paid for by the Army.

There many rules and regulations that affect moves.  Please do not trust the opinions, facts, and guesses of others and refer to the Joint Federal Travel Regulation, which is hundreds of pages long. Or better yet, contact the Fort Gordon Readiness program.  They keep up with regulations and how they affect moves to AIT and to the next duty station after AIT.  Please call them at 706-791-4181. 

On-Post Self-Storage

Fort Gordon, GA FMWR operates 106 self-storage mini warehouses on post, which are available on a month to basis. For more information or to rent a space, contact the Automotive Branch at (706) 791-2390. DSN number is 780-2390.

Fort Gordon Army Emergency Relief

AER is located in Darling Hall. You may call them at 706-791-1922/8685. If after hours, or more than 50 miles from Fort Gordon, call the American Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337