Greater Augusta Fishing & Recreation

Welcome to some of the best fishing opportunities in the US. Augusta is surrounded with river, pond and lake fishing for mane species. From panfish to huge striped bass that can exceed 50 pounds, you can find them nearby. Below you'll find a few of the "official" places to go but there are many more. Christine and her husband Drew love to fish in their limited spare time and focus on chasing the striped bass at the lake.  If you're interested in that, check out the Clarks Hill Striper Club on Facebook for more details.


Thurmond Lake/Clarks Hill Lake

Thurmond Lake/Clarks Hill Lake is one of the top 10 most visited Corps site in the United States. Each year millions of people utilize the public parks, marinas, and campgrounds all conveniently located around the lake. The man-made lake borders Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah River, Broad River, and Little River. The entire Thurmond Lake/Clarks Hill project area contains 151,000 acres of water and land. There are endless recreational activities from swimming in the designated swimming areas, rewarding fishing opportunities, boating, camping along the shoreline, sightseeing with friends and family, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and even motor boating. Picnicking is a popular leisure due to the lovely public recreation areas around Thurmond Lake.


  • Open 7 Days a week from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for visitors convenience (except during holiday-Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year´s Day)
  • Fish Species: Black Crappie, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass
  • Programs & Tours: Thurmond Lake Educational Programs, Power Plant Tours, Water Safety Programs, and Special Topic Programs.
  • 13 Campgrounds & 554 campsites
  • Thurmond Lake offers nine Corps managed "day-use" recreation areas-for shorter stays at the Lake
  • 55,000 hunting acres of public land surrounding Thurmond Lake-(Must possess a valid hunting license and permits in the state of hunting)
  • Over 28,400 acres of project lands leased for wildlife management
  • Areas with Access Ramps:
    • Corps Day Use Areas
    • Corps Campgrounds
    • State Recreation Areas
    • Municipal Recreation Areas
    • Marinas on J. Strom Thurmond Lake


510 Clarks Hill Highway Clarks Hill, South Carolina 29821 (864) 333-1100 or toll free at 1-800-533-3478

Diamond Lakes

Diamond Lakes is a dream for recreation and sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by a think forest, boaters and fishers are encapsulated in an absolute haven. Fishers find gold and families find fun and safety at Diamond Lakes´ first class facility. The park development is a master plan for ensuring fun, adventure, and life-long memories!


  • Open Daily from 7 a.m. to sunset
  • Four fully stocked fishing ponds
  • Walking tracks
  • Ball fields
  • Required GDNR Fishing License for ages 16+
  • Three wooded picnic areas
  • Two playgrounds · 286 acre park
  • Two horseshoe pits · Sand volleyball court
  • Five field Adult Complex
  • Five field Youth Baseball & Softball:
    • (3) 300´ fields
    • (2) 320´ fields


4335 Windsor Spring Road Hephzibah, Georgia 30815 Phone: (706) 771-2418

New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam

New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam is located on the infamously, rich Savannah River. The park has north and south boat ramps with available table groupings and grills, comfort stations, three on-site picnic shelters, and fish stations! Adjacent to the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam is the Bush Field Airport and operated by the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department.


  • Park Hours:
    • Opens Daily at 5 a.m.
    • Closes at 6 p.m. (November-February)
    • Closes at 7 p.m. (March & October)
    • Closes at 8 p.m. (April-May& September)
    • Closes at 9 p.m. (June-August
  • Supervised Area
  • Rental Facility
  • Shelter & Gazebo
  • Picnic Area · Playground
  • Open Space
  • Lake & Waterfront


1853 Lock and Dam Road Augusta, Georgia 30906 Phone: (706) 793-9403

Lake Olmstead

Lake Olmstead is located in Richmond County a region in beautiful East Augusta, Georgia. Augustans have turned this environment into a popular recreation atmosphere. The reservoir has latitude and longitude coordinates of 33.4990, -81.9996. The altitude of Lake Olmstead measures 144 feet (44 meters). Large parks surrounded the lake, such as Lake View Park, equipped with boathouses and plenty of opportunities to rent boats for recreational use and fishing.


  • Non-Motorized Boats - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Motorized Boats over 10 HP - All Day Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday after 3 p.m.
  • Equipped with boathouses
  • Altitude of 144 feet (44 measures)
  • Latitude of 33.4990, Longitude of -81.9996
  • Rental facility


2200 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia 30904 Phone: (706) 821-2804

The Augusta Canal & Savannah Rapids Pavilion

The Augusta Canal & Savannah Rapids Pavilion is a self-supporting multi-purpose community/ conference center in Columbia County, Georgia. Savannah Rapids provides miles of water, wildlife and walking trails steps away from the growing city of Augusta. Canoeing, kayaking, and biking are popular activities along the Augusta Canal & Savannah River. The Augusta Canal is the nation's only industrial power canal still in use for its original purpose. The canal and pavilion offer endless amounts of recreation, history, and unique experiences.


  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, and Biking
  • Conference Center
  • Rental opportunities available
  • Outdoor Trails
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Wildlife
  • 8.5 miles of towpath and waterway
  • 7 mile long canal
  • Do not feed the alligators or other wildlife.
  • No alcohol, firearms, bows/arrows or radios in the Canal Park.
  • Please do not litter.
  • Pets must be on a leash.
  • No gasoline-powered motor craft in the canal.
  • No horses or off-road vehicles (ATVs).
  • Bicyclists-please yield to pedestrians.
  • All-please yield to official government vehicles.

Canoe Rental - Available off-site:

  • AWOL (American Wilderness Outfitters, LTD) - Provides shuttle service to and from the canal
    2328 Washington Road Augusta, Georgia 30904 (706) 738-8500
  • Broadway Tackle & Canoe Rentals - Requires renters to pick up the canoe and return
    1730 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia 30904 (706) 738-8848

Bike Rental - Available off-site:

  • Chain Reaction
    3920 Roberts Road
    Martinez, Georgia 30907 (706) 855-2024
  • Andy Jordan´s Bicycle Center
    527 13th Street
    Augusta, Georgia 30909 (706) 724-6777


3300 Evans-to-Locks Road Martinez, Georgia 30907 Phone: (706) 868-3349 FAX: (706) 868-3435

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