Fort Gordon Family Resources

Relocating to Fort Gordon is a big process and there's a lot of steps involved along the way. As your Columbia County real estate professionals we set out to make sure that moving to the Fort Gordon area is as streamline as possible. In addition to helping you find the home that matches your exact criteria, we also want give you access to the support and resources you need to get settled. Below are some of the of the top family resources for Fort Gordon.

On-Base Housing at Fort Gordon

If you’re considering staying on base, you only need to go to one place, Balfour Beatty Communities, which you can find in the New Olive Terrace neighborhood near the main PX. Balfour Beatty is in charge of the installation’s on-base housing, which was privatized in 2006. The first month’s rent, which all military personnel have to furnish out-of-pocket since Balfour Beatty is unable to accept allotments for only part of a month, is due at the lease signing. At the same time, occupants begin their allotments in which their BAH rate equals the amount they will have to pay.

Call 706-772-7041 for information.

Fort Gordon Army Community Center

Make sure to also stop at the Fort Gordon Army Community Center once you get here. The mission of the unit, peopled by the National Guard and Reserve, is to help out military families like yours when they’re facing tough times,such as when one of them is deployed. They devote themselves to reaching out and assisting soldiers coming back from duty assignments, too, when they and their families may need a little help readjusting to what’s thought of as normal life in the armed forces.

Other services offered by the Fort Gordon Army Community Center include help relocating for those coming in to the base, many on PCS orders, and those leaving Fort Gordon for duty assignments elsewhere. The FGACC provides complete housing options information to new arrivals and help figuring out where to look for homes that will keep them within their BAH budgets.

Qualify for Military REBATES

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Military Relocation in Augusta


Military REBATE

Fort Gordon Soldier and Family Assistance Center

If you or your family member is one of the many soldiers who have been wounded, are ill or injured, you or your relative can find support at the Family Assistance Center (the SFAC) and participate in renowned programs such as the Warrior Care and Transition Program (WTU) at Fort Gordon. The team is part of the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Gordon, under the command of Eisenhower Army Medical Center.

The battalion’s purpose is to aid soldiers in the physical and mental recovery from their injuries, and help them prepare for returning to duty or transitioning back into civilian life. Included in the rehabilitation program is assistance to Army armed forces members and families in finding and attaining appropriate, affordable housing that meets the requirements of the disabled soldier. This is often done with the aid of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and its programs.

The Warrior Transition Battalion – Fort Gordon, is the second-largest of its kind in the U.S. Army, and is scheduled to be closed by August 2016. This loss is due to the decreasing numbers of ill and wounded soldiers returning from dangerous duties.

However, the Community Care Unit (CCU), responsible for much of the aid soldiers receive outside of medical treatment, will remain open. It will continue its objective to help all soldiers who come through the doors achieve their goals in areas like new career training, veterans’ and soldiers’ home loans, finding adequate housing, and others.

Department of Veteran's Affairs

The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center has the same programs as any other VA facility does, designed for all active armed forces personnel, veterans young and not-so-young-anymore, and all eligible surviving spouses. You can get to the VA in downtown Augusta easily in about 20–30 minutes from Fort Gordon’s Gate 2.

Fort Gordon Cyber Center

U.S. Army Cyber Command and the Cyber Center of Excellence, responsible for network operations and defense of all Army networks, including cyber support of full-spectrum operations. Ft. Gordon is one of the nation’s top cyber technology centers, and the single point of contact for external organizations regarding cyberspace and information operations.

Ft. Gordon is the home of  the Armed Forces’ largest communication and information technology training center with 24 military occupation specialties (MOS), the National Security Agency/Central Security Service-Georgia, the 7th Signal Command, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center, a major regional medical and training center, and host to the Army’s only dental laboratory, the U.S. Army Dental Laboratory and the future home of Future home of the Georgia National Guard’s Regional Readiness Center.

Additional Ft. Gordon Resources